WATCH: Eagle Scout receives American Spirit Award


Remember Spencer Zimmerman, the Eagle Scout triathlete with the heart of a champion?

It’s impossible to forget the inspiring story of the young man — just 13 at the time — who pushed, pulled, and carried his friend with cerebral palsy through a grueling three-hour triathlon. If you missed this tale of selflessness, grab a box of Kleenex and click here.

Over the weekend, 15-year-old Spencer’s stirring effort gained national recognition when he received the American Spirit Award from the Boy Scouts of America and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.


The event, officially called the Citizen Service Before Self Honors Ceremony, was held on March 23 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Spencer, pictured with Vietnam War-era Medal of Honor winners Walter J. Marm Jr. (left) and Harold A. Fritz, looks humble and proud as he receives the handsome trophy, a small, unimposing symbol of the young man’s gargantuan gesture.

Check out the video from the ceremony below.

Taken from Bryan on Scouting

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