Dave McRae, Cedar Falls Cubmaster, Featured in Scouting Magazine This Month!

Dave McRae, Cedar Falls Cubmaster of Pack 55, is featured in the November-December 2011 issue of Scouting Magazine!  The article he was interviewed for, “Host a Pinewood Derby Workshop” can be found on page 16, if you happen to hold a current copy.

Dave was interviewed for the Pinewood Derby workshops he has been holding in his garage every spring for the past three years.  He says that he, “just wanted people to have a good solid start on figuring out the right ways to do things.”

He does it using an assembly line approach by dividing workspace into different stations, some of them equipped with adults to help with the difficult parts.  Starting out with a design table, boys begin by sketching their dream car onto a template.  After checking with an adult to make sure the design is feasible, Scouts then transfer the design to wood.

Scouts then journey to the cutting station (this is where the adult steps in if necessary), then it is off to the sanding stations.  This is followed by a trip to the weigh station where Scout’s check the weight of their cars on an official scale and add extra weight if imperative.  Finally Scouts finish up the car by painting and drying it.

Dave agrees that this type of workshop helps reduce the number of “dad-built cars” and adds, “The idea is to get the boys familiar with the whole process.  Maybe by the time they’re Webelos Scouts, they’ll take the block of wood and do it all themselves.”

Dave also expresses, “It’s very rewarding to help out the boys, especially the ones who have never done it before and the families that just don’t have the means or the space to do it.”

For the full article, written by Mark Ray, please click here.

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